Tools for cost ef­fi­cient build­ing design (in Eng­lish)

Sat­urday, 4 May 2019, 11:10 am, Kam­mer­mu­siksaal (level 1)


New tools are being developed each year to aid in the development of cost-effective Passive House buildings and in this session a number of new tools that have recently been developed will be presented. One of the new frontiers for Passive House buildings has been the integration of large commercial kitchens and in this session the lessons learned from these projects and the methods to successfully realise them will be presented. 

Choosing the right heat pump to minimise both operational and investment costs is a crucial aspect of Passive House building development and a brand new tool, developed under the AZEB project, will be presented which will aid designers in this process. Many social housing projects across Europe were built over 4 decades ago and over the next decades the rate of renovation of social housing, as well as the construction of new buildings, is expected to increase. This session will include a detailed presentation on new modelling methodology for life-cycle costing of social housing projects.


Time Top­ic  Speak­er

11:10 am

Brun­ck-Quarter Lud­wig­shafen: Suc­cess­ful en­ergy ef­fi­ciency mod­ern­iz­a­tion with long-term mon­it­or­ing res­ults Thilo Cunz
11:35 am On­ly num­bers count - con­cre­te li­fe­cy­cle costs in so­ci­al hous­ing Mar­tin Ploss
12:00 pm Per­form­ance data gen­er­a­tion tool for air-to-air heat pumps To­mas Mikeska
12:25 pm Ex­tract­or hoods with low en­er­get­ic in­flu­en­ce for high en­ergy ef­fi­cient build­ings Kristin Bräun­lich