Tools for cost ef­fi­cient build­ing de­sign (auf Eng­lisch)

Sams­tag, 4. Mai 2019, 11:10 Uhr, Kam­mer­mu­sik­saal (1. OG)


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11:10 Uhr

Brunck-Quar­ter Lud­wigs­ha­fen: Suc­cess­ful ener­gy ef­fi­ci­en­cy mo­der­ni­za­ti­on with long-term mo­ni­to­ring re­sults Thi­lo Cunz
11:35 Uhr On­ly num­bers count - con­cre­te li­fe­cy­cle costs in so­ci­al hous­ing Mar­tin Ploss
12:00 Uhr Per­form­an­ce da­ta gen­er­a­ti­on tool for air-to-air he­at pumps To­mas Mikes­ka
12:25 Uhr Ex­tract­or hoods with low en­er­get­ic in­flu­ence for high en­er­gy ef­fi­cient build­ings Kris­tin Bräun­lich