Work­shop: BIM and PHPP

BIM and PHPP (in Eng­lish)

Sat­urday, 4 May 2019, 9:00 am, Ro­bert-Schu­mann-Zim­mer (1st floor)


BIM2PH is the new in­ter­face concept for BIM tools to ex­port pro­ject data from 3D mod­els to PHPP. This work­shop will ex­plain how to in­tro­duce en­ergy ef­fi­ciency para­met­ers in­to BIM mod­els and ex­plain the fea­tures of the BIM2PH con­vert­er tool to ex­port data to PHPP.


Num­ber of par­ti­cipants is lim­ited, re­gis­tra­tion re­quired