Air­tight­ness (in Eng­lish)

Fri­day, 3 May 2019, 4:40 pm, Kam­mer­mu­siksaal (level 1)


Time Top­ic Speak­er
4:40 pm Air­tight­ness in Cent­ral Europe - Plan­ning Prin­ciples for Air­tight­ness Wolfgang Hasper
5:05 pm Air­tight­ness in the Heidel­berg Bahn­stadt Thomas Kirtschig, Mat­thi­as Lai­dig
5:30 pm Meas­ur­ing air­tight­ness in highrise build­ings Jür­gen Schnieders
5:55 pm Les­sons from de­liv­er­ing air­tight­ness from 10 years of UK PH test­ing Paul Jen­nings