The city of Heidelberg looks forward to welcoming you!

Greetings from the Lord Mayor of the city of Heidelberg, Eckart Würzner!




Ladies and gen­tle­men,

I am very pleased to wel­come you to the Pass­ive House con­fer­en­ce in Heidel­berg in 2019. As home to the Bahn­stadt, one of the largest Pass­ive House dis­tricts in the world, there is hardly a bet­ter ven­ue for this event. The Heidel­berg Bahn­stadt is a beacon pro­ject for mod­ern and en­ergy-ef­fi­cient con­struc­tion and is be­ing built on an area as large as the well-known old city of Heidel­berg. In­creas­ingly, it is re­ceiv­ing at­ten­tion in­ter­na­tion­ally and serving as a mod­el for sim­il­ar pro­jects in China and oth­er coun­tries world­wide.

Ten years after the ground-break­ing ce­re­mony and the on­set of vis­ible de­vel­op­ments in the Bahn­stadt, more than 4,000 people already live in Heidel­berg's young­est dis­trict. The Bahn­stadt en­joys enorm­ous pop­ular­ity, es­pe­cially among young fam­il­ies. An at­tract­ive mix of liv­ing and work­ing, shop­ping and cul­tur­al of­fer­ings, open spaces and play­grounds char­ac­ter­ise the urb­an dis­trict. I would like to cor­di­ally in­vite you to ex­per­i­en­ce the Bahn­stadt for your­self on the con­fer­en­ce’s Sunday tour or dur­ing a walk through the dis­trict. It is worth it!

I wish you a nice stay in Heidel­berg with in­ter­est­ing events and ex­cit­ing dis­cus­sions.


Prof. Dr. Eck­art Würzn­er, Lord May­or of the city of Heidel­berg


Pat­ron of the Pass­ive House con­fer­en­ce "Achieve Bet­ter Build­ings!" in Heidel­berg 2019




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